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Grounds Maintenance

Northbrook Landscape and Pool offers professional maintenance to keep your landscape investment in top condition. Choose from any or all of the following maintenance options.

Lawn Maintenance
Weekly cutting service. Includes mow and trim all lawn areas weekly, edge sidewalks, curbs and beds. Blow all paved surfaces.

Bed Maintenance
Bi-weekly, Round-up weed control in beds, hand weeding as necessary.

Spring Clean-up & Power Raking
Remove all leaves & debris from lawn & beds. Power rake lawn.

Lawn Care Chemicals
Full program includes 11 applications.

Plant Food
Spring and Summer applications of organic, granular.

Lawn Seed Blend
Spring, thinning areas & bare spots. Fall, complete over-seeding.

Shrub & Ornamental Pruning
As required, by hand and/or machine.

Fall Cleanup

Twice in November; leaves, branchs.

Lawn Power Thatching

Removal of thatch layer (dead and partial decays grass stems and roots).

Core Aeration

The recommended method of aeration; removing plugs of soil throughout lawn to allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate (Fall).

Shredded, premium bark mulch in beds.

Treflan Pre-emergent Weed Control
Applied in beds in Spring.

Weekly, Spring and Fall clean-ups.

Sprinkler System
Spring opening and testing (May), winterization (Nov), seasonal repairs.

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